bring your dreams to life* together!

dream machine is a powerful online platform where creators unite, collaborate and turn their dreams into reality

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what is

dream machine?

dream machine is a collaborative network that connects creators & tinkerers based on their interests and dreams. Our platform is designed with a strong focus on you and your dreams. It intuitively "thinks" and "acts" on your behalf, utilising smart communication tools, chats, and suggestions, to effortlessly guide you toward your goals.


pursue dreams!

On dream machine, it’s all about your dreams and passion projects! Our dream explorer sparks your inspiration. Discover dreams and fellow dreamers that align with your interests, make meaningful connections, and support others in pursuing their aspirations.

With contextual filters and interest-based suggestions, finding the dreams that resonate with you has never been easier. Dive in, explore, and let your dreams blossom with others.

find your dream match!

Meet your match for your passion projects! We bring together like-minded individuals, connecting people who share and complement their interests.

Our proactive platform keeps you informed and offers tailored suggestions for perfect matches, meetings, and projects!


bring visions to reality!

We offer a range of smart and practical collaboration tools, empowering you to turn your vision into a fully-fledged project or an active community.

Our modular system allows you to customize your Dream Machine according to your needs, picking and mixing modules that are perfect for you. Your dream, your way! Let's make it happen together.

communicate smarter!

dream machine streamlines communication throughout your entire experience. AI assisted summaries help you to keep track of what has been discussed in a chat when you were away. Smart chips make it easy to identify people, tasks and everything else on dream machine.

With helpful suggestions, and a unique decision-making flow, dream machine turns conversation into action.


everything at a glance!

All your dreams & information come together in one page. On your dashboard you see all your tasks, can perform simple actions, get information feeds from all your dreams and people you care about and explore exciting new dreams.

This way you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

take charge of what is yours!

You control the data and all features are built around your needs. We believe that everything you put into the platform is a gift for the community and are aware of our responsibility.

We believe in your right to download your data, to decide who you want to share it with and of course to delete your account. We will never give your data away without your explicit permission.


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